I face a new challenge at the annual tournament in Neu-Ulm. The full-contact fights are underway, mine is still to come – and my kung fu brother is knocked out, an admission to the hospital is imminent. Immediately I think about the organizational stuff, about his stuff going with him, about him needing his IDs, about him not having to go alone. One of our coaches sees it differently. “Prepare for your fight.”Mehr lesen

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What’s in a name?

“How’s karate?”, I am sometimes asked. Or, by analogy, another martial art / sport. I’ve noticed that some of my classmates get annoyed by these confusions, but I’m not that interested in them. It is not so important to me that those around me remember the term correctly, because actually the questioners mean the right thing. For those who want to know a little more, I will try to explain the terms.Mehr lesen

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Abbot Ji Sin Sim See

Numerous arts refer to the last abbot of the Southern Shaolin Monastery. Under his leadership, this great centre of martial arts experienced its last days, so that all southern styles descended from Shaolin can somehow be traced back to him. Unfortunately, we know little of his life and have to infer much logically or rely on stories and legends.Mehr lesen


Modern Wushu

When Westerners think of Kung Fu, it is often cinematic images full of acrobatics that come to mind. This image has not only been significantly influenced by Wuxia films, but also by Modern Wushu (what in turn, of course, also brings interaction.) Modern Wushu, as the name suggests, is not traditional Kung Fu and has its roots in the twentieth century during the time of Mao Tse Tung.Mehr lesen

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Chiu Kow

Grandmaster Chiu Kow has experienced enough in his life that several films could be filled with it. Unfortunately, they would not be peaceful, feel-good flicks, but tough stories about the life of a long-suffering person. What makes him stand out is that despite all his experiences, he has managed to pass on Hung Gar’s high moral and human standards to his own successor.Mehr lesen



This weekend was a basic application seminar. This means that we worked through the so-called ‘levels’ – at least partially. We use the term ‘levels’ to describe basic concepts that become freer to implement as the level increases.Mehr lesen


New Panels

After my Kung Fu brother Roman’s school in Niederglatt is getting more and more popular, it’s finally time to officially open it. For this occasion, I have made it my task to finally make the corresponding panels for his school altar. Many thanks to my dragging and painting helpers Alex, Alexandra, Dominik and Roman.Mehr lesen


Before the next step

In spring of this year, I was allowed to take the last elementary school exam and join the ranks of the aspirants for the first Dan. Since then I have been preparing for the black belt exam. Now, as the end of a section approaches, I feel a certain nervousness and struggle with doubts, anticipation and a lot of work.Mehr lesen

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Wong Kay Ying

was a style heir of his father Wong Tai and a famous martial artist and doctor. He was a philanthropic man with great moral ideals. He passed on these qualities to his son and disciple Wong Fei Hung.Mehr lesen