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Chiu Kow

Grandmaster Chiu Kow has experienced enough in his life that several films could be filled with it. Unfortunately, they would not be peaceful, feel-good flicks, but tough stories about the life of a long-suffering person. What makes him stand out is that despite all his experiences, he has managed to pass on Hung Gar’s high moral and human standards to his own successor.Mehr lesen



This weekend was a basic application seminar. This means that we worked through the so-called ‘levels’ – at least partially. We use the term ‘levels’ to describe basic concepts that become freer to implement as the level increases.Mehr lesen


New Panels

After my Kung Fu brother Roman’s school in Niederglatt is getting more and more popular, it’s finally time to officially open it. For this occasion, I have made it my task to finally make the corresponding panels for his school altar. Many thanks to my dragging and painting helpers Alex, Alexandra, Dominik and Roman.Mehr lesen


Before the next step

In spring of this year, I was allowed to take the last elementary school exam and join the ranks of the aspirants for the first Dan. Since then I have been preparing for the black belt exam. Now, as the end of a section approaches, I feel a certain nervousness and struggle with doubts, anticipation and a lot of work.Mehr lesen

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Wong Kay Ying

was a style heir of his father Wong Tai and a famous martial artist and doctor. He was a philanthropic man with great moral ideals. He passed on these qualities to his son and disciple Wong Fei Hung.Mehr lesen

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Martin Sewer

Martin Sewer is the style heir of Hung Gar Kung Fu in the Chiu lineage. Although a Westerner, after many years of teaching and many trips to Hong Kong and later to California, Chiu Chi Ling publicly named him his successor in an interview.Mehr lesen

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Chiu Chi Ling

As the youngest son of Chiu Kow and Shiu Ying, Chiu Chi Ling became a style heir in his lineage. The versatile grandmaster is not only a martial artist, but also an actor, race car driver and businessman. It is largely thanks to him that Hung Gar Kung Fu became known in the world. He is more open to Western students than some other kung fu masters and willingly carries his art with many trips around the world. Mehr lesen

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Lam Sai Wing

Lam Sai Wing, the disciple of Wong Fei Hung, lived the idea of spreading Hung Gar Kung Fu. He considered the attitude of many Kung Fu masters to pass on their knowledge only very cautiously questionable and taught willingly and openly. As a man of good character, he was a role model for many. He was considered a tireless teacher and great fighter until his death.Mehr lesen

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Shiu Ying

Although Shiu Ying is often mentioned as the wife and partner of Chiu Kow, little is known about her person. Her life, however, according to what we know, was very moving. She was a great master of Hung Gar, acupuncturist, doctor, mother, benefactor and lived through several wars almost on the side.Mehr lesen