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Abbot Ji Sin Sim See

Numerous arts refer to the last abbot of the Southern Shaolin Monastery. Under his leadership, this great centre of martial arts experienced its last days, so that all southern styles descended from Shaolin can somehow be traced back to him. Unfortunately, we know little of his life and have to infer much logically or rely on stories and legends.Mehr lesen


Modern Wushu

When Westerners think of Kung Fu, it is often cinematic images full of acrobatics that come to mind. This image has not only been significantly influenced by Wuxia films, but also by Modern Wushu (what in turn, of course, also brings interaction.) Modern Wushu, as the name suggests, is not traditional Kung Fu and has its roots in the twentieth century during the time of Mao Tse Tung.Mehr lesen