Family Tree

Abbot Ji Sim Sin See

Abbot Ji Sin is considered one of the five survivors of Shaolin. He fled to Hoi Tong Monastery after the destruction of the temple. Ji Sin is associated with many traditional, southern Chinese styles.

Hung Hee Gung

Hung Hee Gung was born with the surname Jyu and only later changed his name to Hung (after the Hung Mun). He was a student of Abbot Ji Sin at the Shaolin monastery. His education was so advanced before the destruction that he left Shaolin. He opened his own school and eventually taught Lukh Ah Choi, who was sent to him by Ji Sin.

Lukh Ah Choi

Lukh Ah Choi is, in my experience so far, not the first ancestor in our series to be named. He disappears just like others behind the dazzling names of Wong Fei Hung and Hung Hee Gung or Chiu Kau, who is much closer to us in time. However, the fact that Lukh Ah Choi was Manchu and thus belonged to the enemy camp according to his origin makes him a particularly interesting figure in my eyes. As is well known, the Manchus took power in China at the beginning of the seventeenth century – the Qing Dynasty. Against this the Shaolin resisted vehemently, until it finally destroyed the southern Shaolin monastery.

Wong Tai

Wong Kai Ying

Wong Kay Ying (ca. 1815 – 1886) was a famous martial artist and doctor. He was a philanthropic man with great moral ideals. He passed on these qualities to his son and student Wong Fei Hung.

Wong Fei Hung

Wong Fei Hung (1847 – 1925 ) is probably the most famous ancestor of our lineage. He is revered as a Chinese folk hero and is the main character of countless films and books. He was not only a supreme martial artist, but also a practicing physician. He supported the poor and stood up for the weak – and that in a time that was anything but easy to call.

Lam Sai Wing

Lam Sai Wing (1860 – 1943) began his training in Kung Fu with his family. There he also learned a lot about healing. Only as an adult he became a student of Wong Fei Hung. Lam Sai Wing worked as a butcher. It is said that he brought meat every day to Wong Fei Hung, who did not want to teach anyone anymore, until he finally taught him. Lam Sai Wing left to posterity, among other things, three main forms as a book.

Chiu Kow

Chiu Kow (1895 – 1995) lived through turbulent times. Not only did the political reality of his homeland change enormously during his life, but he himself did not have a quiet life. He was a slave, tailor, doctor, military instructor, tournament winner and last but not least father and teacher.

Chiu Chi Ling

Chiu Chi Ling (1943 – present) is the youngest son of Chiu Kow and Shiu Ying. He is known not only for his outstanding martial arts and as a style leader, but also as an actor. He emigrated to the USA before Hong Kong went back to China in 1997.

Martin Sewer

Swiss Martin Sewer (1971 – present) practiced martial arts from childhood and came into contact with Chiu Chi Ling and Hung Gar Kung Fu as a teenager. After years of traveling to Hong Kong and later to the USA, Chiu Chi Ling publicly named him as his successor and thus heir to the style.