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Wong Fei Hung

Wong Fei Hung (9.7.1847 – 14.4.1925 ) is probably the most famous ancestor of our line. He is revered as a Chinese folk hero and is the main character in countless films and books. Wong Fei Hung was not only an outstanding martial artist, but also a practicing physician. He supported the poor and stood up for the weak – and this in a time that was anything but easy to call.Mehr lesen

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Bak Mei

Bak Mei (also known as Bai Mei, ‘White Brows’) is generally regarded as one of the five survivors of the destruction of Southern Shaolin Monastery. Various sources agree that he was disloyal to the rebellion against the Qing. It is not clear whether this was done for base motives or realism. Bak Mei is mentioned as the founder of the Kung Fu style of the same name.Mehr lesen

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Lukh ah Choi

Lukh Ah Choi is not, in my experience, the ancestor in our line, which one is named first. He disappears, just like others, behind the dazzling names Wong Fei Hung and Hung Hee Gung or Chiu Kau, which is much closer to us. However, the fact that Lukh Ah Choi was a Manchu and therefore belonged to the enemy camp according to his origin, makes him a particularly interesting figure in my eyes. As is well known, the Manchus took over power in China at the beginning of the seventeenth century – the Qing Dynasty. The Shaolin fought against them vehemently until they finally destroyed the southern Shaolin monastery. Mehr lesen