The Author

My name is Linda Zeller and I am a student of Sifu Martin Sewer. Mostly I am taught by his master student, Sifu Alexander Klug.

Having already tried Karate, Escrima and Wing Chun Kung Fu, I landed and stayed in my Sifu’s school by chance in early 2018. I enjoy attending classes often and have very much focused on learning Hung Gar Kung Fu. Since the summer of 2019, I have been an instructor candidate and am now going through two years of training to become a full instructor.

I am interested in various aspects of Hung Gar Kung Fu. I am fascinated by the comprehensive concepts that open up to me in small steps and which are not limited to physical combat. I actively try to understand and implement the ideas. In addition, I like to deal with the background knowledge and try to understand the philosophy.

In this blog I would like to share my experiences and insights with interested readers.